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Best Laptop for Music Recording Programs

A home recording studio or small recording setup in your home office just isn’t complete without the best laptop for music recording. But just ten years ago most people couldn’t wrap their heads around using a laptop for recording and music production.

However, these days, with the introduction of high powered models such as the Mac Pro, anything is possible.

In order to find the right laptop, you’re going to have to go beyond your budget. Cheaper laptops simply don’t have the power, memory, or ability to keep up with the latest music recording software programs.

If you have a music recording setup and use the best vocal microphone, then you need a laptop that can handle top of the line software programs without freezing or crashing.

Required Laptop Specs

Aside from budget, the biggest factor is the laptop’s specs.

To start, you’ll need to pay attention to the operating system, to determine if the laptop you’re interested in is compatible with your music recording software program of choice.

The more RAM a laptop has, the better. The RAM is basically the laptop’s working memory.

Popular recording software programs often have RAM requirements of 16 GB and about 5 GB of disk space.

We’ve chosen the MAC Pro fifteen-inch laptop as the best laptop for music recording, simply because it’s fast, it can handle pro-quality music recording programs such as Logic and Pro Tools, and it offers a ton of RAM.

MacBook Pro Overview and Specs

This laptop is expensive, so you can plan on throwing your budget out the window. However, it also packs some serious power, comes equipped with innovative touch bar controls, and a sleek aluminum chassis that makes it very travel-friendly.

Even at a weight of just four pounds this laptop still feels very substantial and sturdy.

You’ll quickly notice that the laptop’s USB port selection mainly consists of USB C connections. While these newer ports make the laptop compatible with Apple’s newest accessories, it can make it a hassle to use accessories from other manufacturers.

The included touch bar works to replace the old row of function keys. Instead, this LED strip features controls that will change instantly based on the type of app you’re using. It currently works with hundreds of apps including Garage band and Microsoft Office.

The laptop’s display screen is nothing to scoff at. This is a 2500×1600 retina display that offers crystal clear viewing clarity that you won’t find with other brands of laptops.

When it comes to audio, you’ll love these speakers, which offer a crunchy treble, satisfying bass, and impressive boominess that’s perfect if you love to record vocals or different genres.

If you didn’t already know, this laptop is a total multitasking beast. You can have multiple tabs open, edit tracks, or lay down some vocals and the MacBook Pro won’t even skip a beat.

This model features the new 2.8 GHz quad-core intel Core i7 processor and it’s described as very solid. It also offers 16 GB 2133MHz memory, 256 GB of SSD storage, and Radeon 555 pro with 2GB of memory. Considering it features Radeon 555 graphics, this laptop can also easily handle graphic intensive tasks and gaming.

This model also received updated graphics hardware. The graphics chip comes in at HD 630.

Pros and Cons

This laptop not only allows you to record vocals, create new tracks, and take care of your gaming needs, it also comes equipped with Mac OS Sierra software. This software allows you to make payments with your fingertip using Apple Pay. You can also talk to Siri, and even use your smartphone to unlock your laptop.

The built-in webcam is as solid as ever at 720p, so you can even do a little streaming and podcasting.

In terms of battery life, we found that on average, the laptop will last for ten to eleven hours. However, if you’re gaming or using recording software you can expect it to hit your battery pretty hard.

This is the perfect laptop for the vocalist who uses the best vocal microphone and vocal recording programs to learn how to sing higher or practice new vocal techniques. It’s also a great laptop to use with top of the line music recording software.

It’s powerful and fast enough to handle even the best video games without freezing.

Packing 16 GB of memory, it shouldn’t come as a shock that this is one fast laptop, allowing it to handle high-def videos, music recording software, and photo editing programs. We found it scored much better than the average gaming laptop.

Cons: While it was difficult to spot any issues with this model, we did notice that it can get a little warm when you’re using labor-intensive software programs or streaming movies.

While some people love the touch bar, others won’t find it very useful.

For some, the price will be the biggest drawback, but like other Apple products, this model won’t freeze and crash, won’t be vulnerable to spyware and viruses, and can easily handle heavy daily use. So, if you’re a pro who depends on their laptop daily, and you’re tired of replacing it every year, then get a laptop that’s designed to last.  In the end, the higher price tag is definitely worth it.


If you were on the fence about making the switch to a Mac, this MacBook is definitely the model to try. This is a high-end notebook that packs a ton of power into a slimmer design. The large retina display offers a beautiful viewing experience like you won’t find with a PC. The stock speakers and webcam will take your podcasts to the next level, giving them a pro look and crystal clarity.

In terms of speed and power, this model is perfect for vocal recording, music production, gaming, and multitasking. While the touch bar setup isn’t exactly essential, it’s a neat feature that provides a ton of control options that can make using your new Mac fun and easy.