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Best Laptop for Music Recording Programs

A home recording studio or small recording setup in your home office just isn’t complete without the best laptop for music recording. But just ten years ago most people couldn’t wrap their heads around using a laptop for recording and music production. However, these days, with the introduction of high […]

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Best Mixer for Podcasting and Streaming

The best mixer for podcasting is a crucial part of your home vocal recording setup. But choosing the right mixer can be complicated. A good mixer will improve audio quality. The preamps will be much nicer, which can really help the best vocal microphone to shine. While a sound engineer […]

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How to Sing Higher Without Straining Your Vocals

Do you want to learn how to sing higher? Do you use the best vocal microphone but your voice still sounds flat? Do you find yourself struggling to hit those high notes, often straining your voice? It is possible to increase your singing range, safely, and without straining your vocals. […]